The Gunns spent more than 39 years full time in music ministry, since 1968 when Terry started playing for gospel groups in the St. Louis area. He and Julia were married in March of 1970 and traveled with Lanny and Marietta Wolfe for the next two years. They were full time music ministers in Phoenix, Arizona for four years and that’s where their daughter, Christy, was born. In 1977 Terry became Music Director at Christian Life Center in Stockton, California. Heather and Ryan were both born during their thirteen years in California.The Gunns left Stockton in 1990 to begin a full time ministry as a family unit traveling and singing all across the country. They all sang and played together for 17 years after leaving California.  Then, one by one, Christy and Heather and Ryan married and now have families of their own.The Gunns recorded three projects with Herald Records in the 70’s and four custom projects in California in the 80’s. In the 90’s they recorded with Zion Music Group in Nashville, Tennessee and put together several projects with them, including five family projects, two with Gateway College Choir & Chorale, as well as a couple piano projects. Terry writes all the music and has had tremendous success with his writing. In recent years, groups in the industry other than The Gunns have recorded several of his songs. The Steeles, The Lesters, The Arnolds, The Singing Ambassadors, The Inspirations, and Greater Vision all have Gunn songs on their recent projects.Most recently, Terry wrote and recorded a series of Praise and Worship Chorus books. Together with his father, four brothers, two sisters, and various other family members, a Christmas Instrumental was recorded and released Fall of 2007. Terry has also recorded a series of piano instrumentals.