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Somebody Ought To Praise Him

Only A Praise Away . I’ll Keep Trusting In The Lord . I’ll Take Your Word For It . He Made a Change In Me . When The Lord Delivers Me . Heroes Among Us . Reach Out . Somebody Touched Heaven . Don’t Give The Devil A Ride . I Still Need You . Somebody Ought to Praise Him

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The Best of The Gunns

23 songs from previous recording, including:

I Love To Sing About Jesus . When the Devil Starts Messin’ . Keep The Change . The Rest Of The Story . I’m Thankful . Praise The Name Of The Lord . Not Tonight . The House of The Lord . God Will Deliver You . I Need You Again Today

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Giving Him Praise

No One Like Jesus . Let Your Spirit Flow Through Me . What He’s Done For Me . Worship The King . Another Reason To Praise The Lord . All The Glory . There is Hope in The Cross . He Keeps Pouring Out Blessings . Heaven . I Want To Thank You

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Already Ready

Joy In My Heart . Reaching For You . You’ve Been Good . Grace . Already Ready . My Life Is In Your Hands . Whole Lot Of Holy Ghost . Big Reunion . I’m Glad . He Loved Me To Death

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